TotalSec Systems Ltd is an import and marketing company of

high level advanced security solutions.

Our huge experience in the security sector, lead us to seek and find professional high-level solutions.


All of our products are imported from Europe and come with a CE standard.

In TotalSec we believe in customer's satisfaction and we achieve that by implementing 3 major factors:

  1. high-level service and technical support

  2. advanced technology 

  3. reliability

Among our solutions you can find :

  • IP  Cameras.

  • AHD(Analog HD) cameras. 

  • LPR( licence plate recognition) Systems and parking management.

  • VMS(video management system). 

  • Cyber solution for security and SCADA systems.

  • C&C (Command And Control) Software.

  • Access control system

  • Switches 

  • Magnetic contacts  


For more information please contact  us at :

Phone: +972-77-5358748

mobile:+ 972-52-4481511




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